Port Company

Talcahuano San Vicente


We are one of the ten entities created product of the Modernization of the Port System State through the law N° 19.542 enacted in 1997. As a key actor of this modernisation process, the Empresa Portuaria Talcahuano San Vicente contributes to the promotion of the development logistics of the region, as well as the carrying out of all procedures that involve the concession of the major terminals state of the country. The entry of SVTI as a new actor in the field involved a service more rapid, comprehensive, efficient, and clean, and that finally resulted in a decline in port tariffs.


San Vicente

SVTI is the terminal with the highest standard of service on the Pacific Coast South, focusing on satisfying their customers with high standards of productivity, efficiency and safety in operations, which allow them to rely on a top-notch care to their ships and cargo.


Talcahuano Port

Talcahuano Terminal Portuario SA, it is the port terminal more sheltered from the Region of the Bio Bio, is focused the attention of ships general cargo, bulk, project cargo, fishing, etc, with high standards of productivity and safety in their operations.


Sustainability and Social Responsibility

The Social Responsibility is an area of management relevant to Port TSV as it has a direct relationship in how it relates to the Enterprise with their groups of interest and of the ports, with the object of achieving sustainable development, ethical and reciprocal.



With the publication of the Law Nº 20.393 on the 02 of December of 2009, it has established the criminal liability of legal persons for the commission of the crimes of Bribery, money-Laundering and Financing of terrorism. It puts at the disposal of the Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Third-party Anonymous, a procedure to receive, accept, investigate and act on complaints.


Sites of interest

 Grant Port San Vicente 

 CRUBC (Regional Committee of Seaside Use)

 Grant Talcahuano Port

 Directemar (Gobernación Maritima de Talcahuano)

 Ministry of Transport and telecommunications 

 Seremi Health Bio Bio 

 Systems Companies Public SEP Port 

 Service Agrícola Ganadero Region Bio Bio 

 Superintendence of Securities and Insurance 

 Ilustre Municipalidad de Talcahuano

 Central bank of Chile 

 Sernapesca Talcahuano

 Customs Regional Government of Bio Bio 

 POI Talcahuano