Empresa Portuaria Talcahuano San Vicente


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Empresa Portuaria Talcahuano San Vicente is one of the ten entities created product of the Modernization of the State Port System through No. 19,542 law enacted in 1997. The onset of office begins in 1998 and defining its functions are contained in the law.


Our Role

As a key actor in this process of modernization, Empresa Portuaria Talcahuano San Vicente contributes to the promotion of logistics development in the region, as well as the realization of all procedures involving the granting of the main state terminals in the country.

Concessioned ports: A leap into modernity, from January 1, 2000 initially for a period of 15 years, which was extended to 2029 dated 14/03/2007, the port of San Vicente was delivered in concession and began to be operated by the consortium San Vicente Terminal Internacional S.A. (SVTI). This process meant a strong impact on regional maritime port sector. The strong investment developed by SVTI meant that other terminals -such as private port area of ​​Coronel and Lirquén- make large investments to equip these fronts docking with new facilities and technology, thus generating new standards of competition.

Entry SVTI as a new player in the field also involved a restructuring of the values ​​of the transport chain and reduced waiting times in ports, thus achieving a faster, comprehensive, efficient and clean service, which finally it resulted in a decrease in port charges.

Meanwhile, from January 1 of 2012 the port of Talcahuano was concessioned to Talcahuano Port Terminal S.A. (TTPSA) belonging to Shipping Companies Group (Agunsa), for a period of 30 years until 31 December 2041.

This concession has allowed the recovery of Site No. 1 of Talcahuano and its support areas severely damaged by the events of February 27, 2010.



Develop and enhance infrastructure and port and logistics services; ensuring quality and adding value to the company, the production chain, the commune, the region and the country, This purpose is achieved through an efficient administration of concession contracts and promoting a competitive, transparent and sustainable management in economic, social and environmental, seeking a harmonious climate with customers, users, workers and the community.



To be the leader in port and logistics services in southern Chile, a pioneer in innovation and sustainability that in its role of port authority, promotes community, regional and national development; and it has a high community support.